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Dear Boy! Self-Esteem and Mind & Body Workbook for Boys


-Ages 8-13
-An inspiring, self-discovery workbook for boys with positive affirmations to cultivate mindfulness, build self-esteem, gratitude, and help your boy grow strong, wise, and confident.
-Answer thought provoking questions: What are your thoughts on kindness?
-Record Memories: One of my favorite traditions is; our favorite thing about the season is…
-Compare Perspectives: ‘What if’ questions to cultivate better understanding and imagination
-Positive Affirmations: Repeat Mantras every day to build self-esteem, self-worth, Confidence, Mindfulness, and Gratitude
-Coloring doodles: for fun while learning

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Give the perfect gift to your boy to build Confidence, Gratitude, Mindfulness, and Self-esteem.

Best workbook for Boys to cultivate gratitude and build self-esteem
Growing up isn’t always easy. That’s why this encouragement book for boys is designed to give them the boost they need to feel Strong, Smart, and Confident. Plus, with plenty of space to dream, vent, doodle, and draw, this book will be the stress and anxiety reliever they need.

Best Activity book for building Confidence, Gratitude, and Self-Esteem in Boys
Do you want to increase confidence in your children and promote strong self-esteem? Teach children that their words have power and how they speak about themselves is important! What we say we feel! What we feel we believe! What we believe we become! Have you ever heard your child say…I am bad at it! Nobody likes me. I can’t do it! It’s heartbreaking to hear children say negative things about themselves, but ALL children struggle with learning to manage emotions. And now you can help!

This activity book is perfect for:
Self Discovery
Creative Activities
Birthday Gifts
Christmas Gifts
Easter Gifts
Gift baskets
Stocking Stuffers
And Much More!

A perfect gift for parents, grandparents, mothers, sons, brothers, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, gift baskets, stocking stuffers, and graduation. A great activity workbook for boys ages 8-13.

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