Dig a Dozen Fairies & Unicorns Excavation Kit


-Ages 6+
-Item includes 12 unicorn shaped soil blocks and 12 sets of chisels and brushes
-Each egg has a unique fairy or unicorn to unearth
-Great for indoor group play, goodie bags, and unicorn lovers!

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Our dig kits come with 12 unicorn shaped individually wrapped soil blocks, each with its own chisels and brushes. Use the tool to dig into the blocks to get your special little fairy or unicorn out.

Great for indoor and group play or goodie bags.

Keeps the little ones engaged and focused as they patiently dig out their colorful fairies and unicorns.

How to: Place a plastic sheet or newspaper under the eggs. First, soak the unicorn mould in water. Remove after 1 minute and excavate with chisels and sweep the dust off with the brush. Rinse the fairies & unicorns with clean water.

Don’t forget to play fairytale theme music in the background!

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 14 × 6 cm


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